Life is challenging. It’s how we react to those challenges that allows us to move forward or to stay in the same place. As summer speeds to a close, it can feel like there are a million different changes happening at once but if you take the time to celebrate those experiences, see obstacles as challenges and be more mindful about your reactions, the path will be clear for ALL of your goals.

Reading it, it sounds easy, right? But we all know that it can be challenging. It can be frustrating, exhausting and unsettling.

The solution?

Having a set of tools that you can pull out at any point to calm yourself, your children, your pets, your family -- that is the best way to help YOU create a routine that allows you to float through life with joy and ease.

This is where FLOAT Wellness comes in.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Susan. Thank you for reading, you have taken the first step to understanding how to create a life that supports every part of yourself. Which is something YOU are entitled to, no matter who YOU are -- because it is always, always important to put your oxygen mask on first. Those depending on you need you to be at your best, most supported self. And I’ve got a series of tools to help you do just that.

FLOAT stands for Flow, Love, Ohm, Action and Time.

Flow: flowing through your life with ease. Not because things are easy but because you have a routine that helps you deal with whatever comes your way.

Love: love of every part of yourself (which is a practice), love of the parts of you that you sometimes see as “flaws” and love of the things you bring to the world. Loving yourself enough to make self-care a priority.

Ohm: Yoga is a huge part of what allows me to be mindful. It is a practice I have cultivated with my children and for myself as an independent person, as a mother, as a woman, as a creative person, as an author. My yoga group and private sessions allow me to bring this to clients of all ages and at all different stages of life. Ohm is the most powerful sound in the Universe… embrace it and allow yourself to soak it all in!

Action: Taking the first few steps can seem scary but you are capable of incredible things. Taking the action to make the time, to forgive, to love. Those are powerful, beautiful things that create a full life. I’ll be sharing checklists, videos and more to help you take actionable steps in the direction of your future.

Time: This piece is about balance. Balance of what you feel you “have” to do with what you feel called to do. Balance between your two brains -- your actual brain and your intuition, your gut. A balance of chakras, hormones and choices in all areas of your life. Time to do the things you love, time to make the memories, time to be parent, child and self all in one.

I hope this program and series help parents, children, tweens, teenagers and families create a more harmonious life, a life full of wonder and possibility. If you’d like to learn more about my group workshops, 1:1 trainings and guided coaching sessions to help you put these tools into action in your home, contact me today!

And, as you go through this journey, join my newsletter list and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’d love to see all parts of your journey -- as community is the best way to help each other through the opportunities of life.