Getting your kids back into the flow of school, homework and after school activities can be challenging after a summer of freedom. Late nights, varied eating habits and time away requires a bit of wrangling to get back into a smooth routine. With my own children and the families I work with, I often recommend some essential oils blends (with my favorite doTERRA products!) (that you can read about here!) to start and end the day.

If your child has any sensitivities to oils, these breathing exercises can be an alternative that might just become a routine you can’t live without.

Try these out and share your results with me! I’d love to see your routines -- tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #MindHugs to join the conversation.

A Mindful Morning Start

Rushing to get kids ready to go to school in the morning can be challenging -- but if you take ONE moment, one piece of the routine to keep your kids connected to their focus of the day will not only help YOU have a smooth morning but it will help their teachers too.

Stay Disconnected to Connect

Your iPhone -- and your kids’ iPhones -- can start buzzing the moment you open your eyes. And it can seem hypocritical to use your device while telling your kids not to use it, so don’t. Disconnect before the day begins to connect with your kids on a face-to-face level. Ask them what they’re excited for today, ask them what they did yesterday, ask them to take a minute to think about their intention for the day. You don’t have to use the word intention but these conversations are going to be some of the most energizing of your day and for your kids too. These are the memories that your kids will cherish so give yourself permission to take action to make them!

Belly In, Belly Out

While you’re are in the midst of their morning routine, have them pause and breathe in and out deeply and slowly through the nose and notice their bellies rising and falling. With little kids, it is a lot easier to make this into a game. With your older kids, just make it a short and easy exercise to practice focus and calm before the school day begins.

As you’re building your mindful practice with your kids, share your photos with me on Instagram! BUT only after you take the time to connect with your kids in a moment of mindfulness!