I've always considered myself relatively eco-conscious. My kids and I recycle and turn off lights and water. We pick up trash and talk about all things environmental.

But it wasn't until I met Georgie Badiel, a model and activist tackling the lack of potable drinking water in her homeland of West Africa, that I really began to explore the subject of clean water and environmental rights from the perspective of someone who has lived without them.

Suddenly, I wanted to find a way to connect this message of the importance of water to children worldwide—those who have water and those who do not—and encourage them to actively participate in change. My latest book, The Water Princess, gave me a way to do just that.

In thinking of the issue of clean water and beyond, it is imperative that we work with our kids to raise their awareness of environmental issues and inspire them to be the change. Children have an innate ability to feel and show empathy and find ways to make the world a better place. Here are a few ways to raise the eco-consciousness of your kids:

1. Go outdoors.

If you want kids to care about the environment, bring them outside. The more kids are immersed in the natural world, the more they will care about preserving it. The sky, trees, critters, and other flora and fauna not only engage a child's sense of wonder and curiosity but also provide an opportunity for conversation and exploration.

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