Appearance Request Form

From school visits, workshops and yoga sessions to Keynoting and speaking with educators all over the country Susan Verde brings her knowledge and inspiration to learners of all ages. She thoughtfully customizes her presentations and time to meet the needs of each group. If you are interested in hosting Susan for a visit please fill out the form below.

On-Site Presentations and Workshops

Susan enjoys speaking with all age groups from children to adults. She creates interactive assemblies, does writing workshops and yoga and mindfulness sessions for students and educators as well as professional development for teachers. She visits schools, libraries, museums and more sharing messages of empathy, peace, creativity, self-care, social justice and the unique experience of being human in the world. She enjoys creating experiences that support the mission of the communities she visits. Susan is always happy to schedule some time for signing books at her visits if they are ordered as a part of the event. 

Virtual Visits

There are situations in which cost and location make an in-person visit a challenge in this case Susan is happy to set up visits via a variety of video calling platforms. She can do anything from a read aloud to a Q and A session with students and educators. Our team will work with you prior to the visit to organize questions and make the most out of the time together.

Conference Keynotes and Book Signings

Susan is available for Keynotes around the country and internationally. She speaks about a variety of topics ranging from inspiration and writing to, self-care, empathy and mindfulness and more. Susan will customize her presentations based on the needs and desires of the audience and organizers. Book signings are often part of the events as they are a special way to bring Susan and her audiences together.